#!/usr/bin/python3.1 -u
# Name:	Husain AlKhamees

class MySubs:

	def __init__(self):	# self must exist. This is Python Coding Convention
		self.subs = {}	# self.subs is an instance variable

	def insert(self, word, subst): # insert a word and it's substitution into the dictionary
		self.subs[word] = subst

	def find(self, word): # search dictionary for substitution and return 'word' if not found
			return self.subs[word]	# return value from dictionary if found

		except KeyError:	# throwing an exception in case of error
			return word		# return same word if not found

subs test

#!/usr/bin/python3.1 -u
# Name:	Husain AlKhamees

import sys	# sys.argv
import re	# Regular Expression

import subsClass

subObj = subsClass.MySubs()	# creating a new object of type MySubs

iF = sys.argv[1]	# store the substitution file name
oF = sys.argv[2]	# store the toBeSubstituted file name

iF = open(iF, "r")
str = iF.readlines()	# reading all lines at once and store in a list

for line in str:
	line = line.rstrip("\n")
	(sub1, sub2) = re.split(r':',line)
	subObj.insert(sub1, sub2)	# filling up the dictionary in the created object

oF = open(oF, "r")
str = oF.readlines()	# reading all lines at once and store in a list

for line in str:
	line = line.rstrip("\n")
	splittedLine = re.split(r'[^\'\w\d]', line)	# splitting the lines word by word so we can use the find() function

	print("Before: ",line)

	for word in splittedLine:
		line = re.sub(word, subObj.find(word), line)	# this is ineffecient, but I understand that we are enforced to use find()

	print("After: ", line)


it's:it is
don't:do not

to be substituted

it's better to give than to recieve! So, don't recieve unless it's necessary!
don't wait till the last moment!
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