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Winning the BeginLinux.com Contest

5 days ago, I wrote an article narrating my Linux story “The Greatest Impact in My Life: Linux“. This article was part of the contest held at BeginLinux.com website. The contest was about writing an article discussing “Why Are You Thankful For Linux?

The good news is that: I was announced the WINNER of this contest! So, I’m so glad for this and I wish the best of luck for the rest of us in the upcoming contests.
Here, I would like to tell that I’m not glad because I’m the WINNER but rather I’m glad, happy, and delighted because actually I participated in a contest, I presented a work, I made an effort, I had to research, I got the acquaintance of a new community, I expanded my social network, I was connected to new fan of Linux, and countless benefits of participating in a contest!

So in case I was:

  • The winner then that would increase my self-confidence.
  • Not that winner then that would let me ask myself why I wasn’t that winner, what my weaknesses are, what the winner has that I don’t …etc. and that will encourage me to improve myself and strengthen my weaknesses! and of course, I would be so happy for the winner!

Therefore, I would like to thank the BeginLinux.com moderators who came up with the contest very much, and would like to thank every member participated and presented his/her idea in this contest.

Looking forward to more participations.

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