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Commitment to Goals

Sometimes I don’t know I feel I’m overwhelmed. I don’t know what I should do first. A lot of things I like to do. My problem I don’t focus on one task at a time. I feel I want to do them all at once. That’s why I fail to accomplish even the major tasks.

So, Goal Setting is a very crucial process to achieve goals or accomplish tasks successfully!

This is what I have found not letting me get connected with others effectively. This has been due to not setting my goals clearly, not writing them down, no drawn plans, too many goals/tasks to be accomplished, and that is not good.

Thus, I recently started reading about how to set goals prioritized to my needs, how to stay motivated and keep these qoals in my mind, what things that will help me achieve these goals.

Before reading in this regard, I was reading “The Secret“, a great book authored by “Rhonda Byrne”. When I reached the section “How to Use the Secret“, I started to ask myself: How can I really use the Secret?
A process composed of 3 steps called “The Creative Process“:

  1. Ask
  2. Believe
  3. Receive

I found that this process is somehow about setting goals. Asking yourself what you really want and write it out on a piece of paper is asking yourself “What are your Goals?”

The Secret is all about the “Law of Attraction“. It is the thoughts in your mind. Your thoughts what make your life. Good thoughts will bring you good things and vice versa.
Thus, by the time you ask yourself “What are my Goals?” you are making thoughts, and of course everyone would think of goals that will bring him the goal of goals, or as Craig Harper calls it the “Internal State” in his blog Goal Setting-The WHY behind the WHAT, such as:

Happiness, Self-Respect, Inner-Peace, Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, Security, Attention, Recognition, Love, Connection, Popularity, Fulfillment, Joy …etc.

In other words, Internal State can be determined through feelings and emotions, the core values.

So, why haven’t I managed of achieving my goals, or accomplishing tasks required to achieve certain goals?
The answer is clearly that I did NOT use the: “Goal Setting Process

Next, I will be talking more on “Goal Setting“.
Feel free to have your comment on this.

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