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My Trip Into Linux

Linux/UNIX-based systems are well suited to work as a central server for business. With Linux/UNIX-based systems, web-based applications can be served up for corporate/public use and email can be handled, easing uptime, high availability and privacy concerns. Also, printing, file services …etc can be centralized under one roof. Linux works very efficiently as an application server, providing the programs for users on thin clients. Though, doing so requires powerful hardware. With Linux/UNIX-based systems, everything need to be done is doable. Here, my report will focus on showing the necessary steps required to acquire the basics of UNIX/Linux operating systems for administering the BEA WebLogic applications server. Since, BEA WebLogic, at Aramco Company, is installed under a UNIX-Based environment.

To succeed in acquiring the basics of the UNIX/Linux OS, knowing how to administer the OS itself is strongly required. Thus, there are several steps need to be followed to master the UNIX/Linux administration, and that’s of course for getting ready to administer the BEA WebLogic. This report is aimed at the beginner Linux users who are intending about switching to Linux and want to learn how to use it. Also, it can be beneficial to intermediate Linux users.

This report starts by giving an overview of the Linux OS. This is followed by showing the steps of installing the Linux OS. Then, how the file system is organized will be described. After that, the fundamental scripts/commands for system administration will be followed. Then, basic network configurations will be shown. Finally, how to provide the essential printing services will be illustrated.


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